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Ordinary citizens doing extraordinary work in communities around the country to help put an end to social injustices.

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Tom Brokaw Bridging the Divide

USA Network and NBC News Special Correspondent Tom Brokaw have come together again to explore the true state of civil rights in our changing nation in the Characters Unite Special: Tom Brokaw Presents Bridging the Divide.

Nearly fifty years since the beginning of the civil rights movement in America, what is the status today of racism, religious freedom, equality for women, gay rights, access for people with disabilities, bullying among kids and more? Tom Brokaw Presents Bridging the Divide dives head first into these complex issues facing the nation's increasingly diverse population, and looks at the impact of the current economy, the rise of technology, social media and the 24-hour news cycle. Brokaw speaks to a wide array of experts to get beyond the salacious headlines and provide a truer and more complete picture of where the country stands.

He also introduces us to champions of change, ordinary citizens doing extraordinary work in communities around the country to help put an end to social injustice. We meet people like Yvonne and Rich Dutra-St.John, who teach school children of all ages to see that what we share is greater than what separates us; Coach Luma Mufleh, who draws on the game of soccer to help children from war-torn countries and a community come together;Aimee Mullins, who uses her birth-given disability to make others see what is possible when they rethink their notions of beauty and opportunity; Charlene Strong, who has fought for the simple right to comfort a dying loved one; and Wes Moore, who finds that a tragic life that could have been his own is a motivation to help others break the cycle of poverty and violence. These stories point to new directions and ways we can all help to reach across barriers, overcome odds and foster a more united USA.